5 Smart Hacks to
Increase Your Productivity

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So, I’m moving house this weekend and being the planning and productivity nerd I am, of course, I’ve created a fail-proof plan.

This will be the easiest move ever…really it will 😂😂😂

If you’ve ever moved house, you know how you need to be well organised and super productive to execute your plan to perfection.

Just like moving house, being smart about hacking your biz productivity can make or break your plan.

We all want to get more done during our day and feel like we’ve accomplished something by the time we kick back for the night.

There are a million tips out there to help you increase your productivity, but if you don’t have the right habits established, you might find that it is difficult to sustain your productivity in the long run.

Today I'm teaching my fave productivity hacks.

They will work for your biz, or if you're moving house this weekend, that too!

(Seriously, working from home in a chaotic, half packed small apartment - not so much fun...)

Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity

Here are my fave daily habits that you can develop to help increase your productivity.

One Thing at a Time

Multitasking cuts back on your productivity so instead of juggling multiple projects at once, focus on one thing at a time by scheduling out blocks of time — or even entire days — during which you only concentrate on one task or one project.

Plan Each Day the Night Before

Spending just 15 minutes before you go to bed the night before to create your to-do list, and prioritizing it, will give you a head start on the next day. To ensure that you are continually moving toward your goals throughout the day, pick essential tasks and place a small star next to them to remind you that these are the tasks that need to be done.

Go Out to Lunch

This is something that is so small, but something that can have a powerful effect on how you work for the rest of your day. Stepping outside your work environment for lunch can help to dramatically reduce your stress levels, refresh your creativity, and help you re-focus when it’s time for you to get back to work.

Minimize Distractions

In today's 24/7 connected world, distractions are everywhere. If you use a computer for work, there are many temptations for you to surf the Internet, check your social media networks, and so others. When it's time to work, put your head down and work. Learn how to set boundaries. Being able to minimize distractions can dramatically increase your productivity.

Always Keep Your Goals in Sight

Once you set exciting goals for yourself, keep them in your sights at all times. You want to keep your goals in a place where you will see them numerous times throughout your day. Seeing your goals written down several times a day will provide you with the motivation to get things done.

My goals are on my phone background, my laptop desktop wallpaper and the password to unlock my laptop.

To become more productive, aim to be more efficient than you were the day before. Start to keep track of your results and you'll become a highly productive woman. Watch how it will start to transform your business.

Productivity hacks to boost your business

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