How to Write an Email Sequence That
Sells Your Products on Autopilot

How to write an email sequence that sells your products on autopilot

Thanks for stopping by to read the How to Write an Email Sequence That Sells Your Products on Autopilot.

For OVER A YEAR I struggled with writing an email welcome sequence.

I tried so many different ways to do it and they all failed.


Next to no sales week after week.

I mean, where is all the cash the email funnel ‘experts’ kept telling me was coming?

Read below to learn how I changed it fast!

Struggling to figure out how to sell with email? Read on...

I tried so many templates, from free ones I found online, to paid products.

None of them worked.

My ConvertKit sequence was full of emails that didn't sell 🙁

I was starting to think this whole course and digital product business thing wasn’t for me. I already had a successful e-commerce business. So, why were my emails flopping in THIS business?

I thought my product wasn’t good enough or my copywriting, but nope, it wasn’t any of those things at all.

It was the structure of my email sequence.

A few months ago, I came across Kate Doster, the Email Fairy.

And WOW is she an email fairy.

Now I have to say, I hesitated to spend another cent on trying to figure out how to get this email thing right.

Why couldn't I figure it out on my own?

Let me tell you, Email Fairy is the most profitable purchase I’ve made for my business.


And honestly? It wasn’t even that expensive.

Instead, it was well worth every cent (and more!).

Finally, I felt like I had the magical key to unlock the treasure chest.

The business treasure chest that’s full of gold.

If you’ve never heard of Kate or experienced the magic of her Email Fairy template set, then I’m telling you, you NEED this in your business.

It is a simple template system you can plug your own biz information in whether you have your own product or not.

Plus, Email Fairy is far MORE than a welcome sequence.

There are email templates for everything you could want or need in your business.

In it, you’ll find tested word for word email scripts that sell.

Plus, you’ll also get weekly newsletter topics and headline ideas.

You'll be writing wallet poppin' emails fast.

Your welcome series? Done!

Haven’t sent an email for decades? (Just kidding, months or years??). The List Resurrection Series will re-engage your subscribers fast.

Need to break up with subscribers that aren’t showing you the love? Sorted!

No idea what on earth to send your subscribers every week? Done!

Clueless about writing a kick-butt headline? You’ve got it!

Having a proven and simple template to add your own juicy biz details is the easiest thing ever.

You’ll get your emails done and your products selling faster than the Email Fairy can wave her magic wand.

Grab it here: Yes! I want the Email Fairy to unlock my email treasure chest.

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