Sales Funnel Template:
How to Create a Sales Funnel in 3 Simple Steps

Sales Funnel Template
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For many of us, trying to figure out how to create a sales funnel to get more sales in our online business can be utterly confusing.

However, it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm going to teach you how to create a sales funnel in 3 simple steps.

Every online business should have a sales funnel. A sales funnel is simply a visual representation of how to attract people into your business and convert them into paying customers.

The term ‘sales funnel’ is a big buzz word lately, yet so many online entrepreneurs procrastinate or are scared to create a funnel for various reasons.

I know I was!

Most commonly, they get overwhelmed at the idea of having to have multiple offers for their prospects and like anything else, once you start to overthink an idea, it gains a life of its own and seems impossible to create.

So, let’s simply the whole sales funnel process with my 3 steps to simple sales funnels that sell...

How to Create a Sales Funnel that Will Make You Money Effectively

Step One: Offer Something for Free

Freebies are easy to create and we often have a tendency to create too many freebies, which then spoil people and make them leery of buying when you do finally offer a paid item. Easy freebies that you probably create every week are blog posts and emails, followed by opt-in freebies. If you add in anything shared via social media platforms, podcast interviews, or videos, you’ll notice that you spend an awful lot of time on free information. It’s all well and good to attract people to you but now it’s time to move on to the next level.

Step Two: Lower Price Offer

Once your prospects devour your free information, they will want more so have another product in place but make it a paid item. Create an ebook, a monthly membership site, or recordings from a telesummit. You’ve gained their trust so now it’s really time to impress them with your knowledge and value that you share. Once they hand over that first payment, it’s easier to sell them another item because they already like you.

Step Three: High Price Offer

One key to a successful sales funnel is pricing your items accordingly and at reasonable increments. If you have a monthly membership site offered at $39/month, offering a high level mastermind retreat for $10,000 is too much of a jump and extremely unrealistic! Instead, offer a $199 group coaching package. Knowing your ideal audience is key in creating your funnel otherwise you’ll lose people midway through the funnel, before they ever make it to the high paid item.

There's No Need to Recreate the Wheel; Repurpose Your Content

Essentially I’ve broken down the sales funnel into its simplest form: basically three products or components. You already have tons of free content available so let’s focus on the other two paid products.

You don’t need to sit down and start writing thousands of words a day or recording dozens of videos.

Instead, sort through what you have and find a way to bundle items together or combine like items into ebooks, reports, audio files, or video classes.

Oh, and you can grab a copy of my simple sales funnel mini planner HERE

Notes from the Video

Here are the tools I use. Note, some of these are affiliate links which cost you no extra but I make a small commission from them:

My WordPress website theme

The theme I use is Avada by Theme Fusion. It's amazing and you can create absolutely any style with it.

Website Hosting

My website is hosted on Siteground because I love their Go Geek plan where I can build a website or make changes in the background then push it live after I've tested it.

My Email Provider

Is the ever popular ConvertKit. It's functionality is out of this world and I was happy to invest in it before making money with this business. Try it for FREE for 14 days.

Clueless as to what to write in emails?

Steal the best email templates from The Email Fairy AKA Kate Doster. Her templates are inexpensive, well under $50. and worth every cent. I built my whole email welcome sequence on them and finally stopped feeling icky about selling in emails. Hoorah!

Where I host my freebies and products

I used to host my freebies, digital downloads and courses on Podia plus they also have membership software and email marketing built in. This platform has everything a digital marketer could need without the extra commissions most other platforms steal from creators. Plus, as you saw in the video, my transactions are fully completed on this website, not a third party site. As a bonus, they are now making it possible to build your whole website on their platform. Plus, Podia have an inbuilt affiliate program so more people can sell your products easily. Check out Podia today. I highly recommend Podia if you need something super simple and easy to use. I'm more tech savvy, so I've moved things back to my own website, but Podia and their customer service, totally rock.

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How to Create a Sales Funnel that Will Make You Money Effectively

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